Emerging Technologies Review

IEE launched it’s annual Emerging Technologies Review in May of 2016, in addition to the Institute’s seminar and lecture series. This event is an all-day research review designed to highlight newly developed innovative energy efficient technologies by featuring prominent speakers from both academia and industry. We’ve seen broad industrial representation, including SCE, SunWorks, HPE, PowWow Energy, Gravity Power, Ecomerit, Soraa Laser, Transphorm, Aurrion, and ThinGap. Past topics include sustainable power from nuclear reactions, next generation pumped storage hydro, laser diodes for energy efficient light sources, and many more.

In 2020, IEE ETR took place in a series of focused virtual Friday workshops in October. The ETR virtual workshops covered new developments in: Energy Efficient Clouds and Data Centers on October 2nd; Smart Societal Infrastructure on October 16th; and Food-Energy-Water on October 23rd. Each virtual workshop featured world class experts and leaders in that arena from industry, academia and government. For more information on these workshops and videos of the workshops, please see below.

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