Thank you for celebrating the Institute for Energy Efficiency's (IEE) 15th Anniversary at UC Santa Barbara.


When: Friday, November 3, 2023 at 1:00pm

Where: Henley Hall, UCSB


Program featured talks from prominent members of industry and academia, including esteemed UC Santa Barbara faculty and was followed by a reception and tours of the LEED Platinum Certified Jeff and Judy Henley Hall.


Program Agenda

●  Welcome   ●  

Chancellor Henry T. Yang, Dean of Engineering Umesh Mishra, and Jeff Henley '66

●  Opening Keynote   

"The First 15 Years and the Next 15 Years," IEE Director and Professor John Bowers, UC Santa Barbara

  Data Centers and the Future of Energy Efficiency   

"Energy Efficient Data Centers at a Global Scale," Dr. Chris Malone, Meta Fellow

"Quantifying the Energy and Environmental Impacts of Data Centers," Professor Eric Masanet, UC Santa Barbara

● Towards Green Artificial Intelligence   

"Energy-Efficient AI," Professor Vivienne Sze, MIT

"Towards Efficient Learning-Free Inference for Generative AI," Professor William Wang, UC Santa Barbara

● Energy Efficient Materials and Quantum Computing   

"Solid State Materials for Energy Efficient Lighting," Professor Steve DenBaars

"The Second Quantum Revolution," Professor Galan Moody, UC Santa Barbara

● Climate Change and Energy Efficiency   

"How Climate Change and Climate Policy Shape Climate and Energy Politics," Professor Matto Mildenberger, UC Santa Barbara

"What the Clean Energy Revolution in California Means for Research," Professor David Victor, UC San Diego

Reception + Poster Session + Henley Hall Tour   

jeff and judy
ted being ted