The Institute for Energy Efficiency

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UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the development of cutting-edge science and technologies that support an efficient and sustainable energy future. The Institute’s research activities leverage the considerable expertise of UC Santa Barbara’s highly acclaimed faculty, scientists, engineers and researchers. By fostering collaborations, sponsoring research, and expediting the commercialization of new technologies, the Institute is a key driver of significant advances in energy efficiency.

The Institute is comprised of six Research Areas, each targeting critical energy issues. These initial focus areas hold the promise for critical advances across crucial industries and technologies. Additionally, the Institute conducts a wide variety of programs and initiatives outside of its core research focus that further the mission.

The solutions developed at the Institute will change the way people around the world think about, produce, and use energy, while concurrently educating and training a new generation of energy technologists for the emerging energy economy.