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Photo of 5 posters supporting climate action

Leveraging social psychology to overcome barriers to climate action

Author: Christin Palmstrom for UCSB's The Current



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A simple sensor system installed on existing high voltage lines helps grid operators increase capacity by as much as 40 percent.

Smart Powerline “Neurons” Boost Grid Capacity: Sensor networks enable 40 percent more electricity to pulse through the lines

Aging high-voltage transmission lines are a bottleneck in the power grid today, but what if a simple tweak could increase their capacity…

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We've lined up an electric and a petrol car and put them to the test.(ABC News)

Are electric cars better for the environment than fuel-powered cars? Here's the verdict

Whether you drive an electric car or are considering making the switch, you've probably been drawn into a discussion about whether they…

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Solar panels work near the small town of Milagro, Navarra Province, northern Spain, Feb. 24, 2023. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

More and faster: Electricity from clean sources reaches 30% of global total

Billions of people are using different kinds of energy each day and 2023 was a record-breaking year for renewable energy sources — ones…

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photo of solar cells in the backgroud and two people wearing hazmat suits with face masks in the foreground

UCSB pioneers a low-energy process for high-performance solar cells

Author: Harrison Tasoff for UCSB's The Current



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scott shell

IEE's M. Scott Shell elected AAAS Fellow

Two professors in UC Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering, Beth Pruitt and M. Scott Shell, have received a…

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Photo of a stage with Professor William Wang on the screen behind it

IEE Faculty William Wang Receives Prestigious Early Career Award

Author: Sonia Fernandez for UCSB's The Current


As artificial intelligence…

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Gray concrete factory chimney releasing smoke

New Project Uses Advancements in Integrated Photonics to Detect Hazardous Chemicals

Researchers are utilizing advancements in integrated photonics to create a device called the Standoff Aerosol measUrement Remote Optical…

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Wind Solar Panel Stock Image

Evaluating and advancing equity in energy transitions

From heating and cooling homes, transportation, cooking and more, energy powers our lives. But our…

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nuclear power plant

AWS Acquires Nuclear Powered Data Center Campus in PA

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hasn’t spoken up yet, but in an…

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solar panel workers

IEE Faculty Eric Masanet Appointed to Federal Advisory Committee To Reduce Emissions Across the Industrial Sector

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the appointment of 18 science, business, academic, and industry leaders to the…

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pretty picture

Have we been talking about climate change all wrong?

For decades, environmental advocates have urged governments, companies, and individuals to take drastic actions to limit climate change…

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Photo of tribeam prototype

Scientific research soars with NSF’s Major Research Instrumentation program

Author: Sonia Fernandez for UCSB's The Current


UC Santa Barbara…

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Photo of telephone wires and a sunset from Unsplash

Equitably decarbonizing California: A multi-campus collaboration will help the Golden State reach its energy goals

By Harrison Tasoff for UCSB's The Current


California is a global leader in the effort…

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