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Rebecca Solnit: Not Too Late, A Climate Book Talk

Speaker: Rebecca Solnit

Policy & Sustainability

Jessica Lovering: What is the Role of Nuclear Power in Deep Decarbonization?

Speaker: Jessica Lovering

Smart Societal Infrastructure, Policy & Sustainability

Rethinking the Nature and Nurture of Discovery Research: Implications for Science and Technology Policy

Speaker: Dr. Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Policy & Sustainability

Improvements of Electro-Optical Frequency Comb Implementations

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Næsby Rasmussen

Magneto-Optical Garnets for Energy Efficient Integrated Photonics Isolators

Speaker: Dr. Bethanie Stadler

Electronics & Photonics

Quantum Computing with Light

Speaker: Dr. Galan Moody

Quantum Computing Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Dr. Yufei Ding

Computing + Communications

Data Center Energy Analysis: Past, Present, and Future

Speaker: Dr. Eric Masanet

Computing + Communications, Policy & Sustainability

Perpetual Computing: Technologies for Banishing Batteries

Speaker: Dr. Joshua Smith

Upcycling Plastic into Useful Molecules

Speaker: Dr. Mahdi Abu-Omar

Henley Hall Virtual Tour

Speaker: Jeff and Judy

Tailoring Dislocations and Alloys for Better Semiconductor Devices

Speaker: Kunal Mukherjee

Electronics & Photonics