A bold goal, within reach.

The Institute is committed to increasing energy efficiency in all of its research areas by 50 percent by 2025. That means a world where lighting is 50 percent more efficient. Where data centers use 50 percent less power. Where solar panels are more affordable. And more. The Institute's ultimate vision? To be a world-renowned leader in developing breakthrough energy technologies that substantially save energy while advancing the standard of living worldwide.

Breakthroughs on a regular basis.

The Institute is a preeminent research organization that is addressing one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century: providing sufficient energy and a decent standard of living to people everywhere, even as populations grow and resources shrink.

Energy efficiency is the most practicable, achievable, and affordable solution for meeting the world's energy needs. The Institute's internationally recognized faculty are developing the science and engineering that are transforming how the world generates, stores, and uses energy. Our researchers are dramatically increasing the efficiency of lighting, computing, solar panels, batteries, building design, and much more. Their breakthroughs regularly become widely available products and technology used to reduce energy consumption among consumers and companies worldwide

A living lab for energy efficiency.

The Institute's iconic new home will strengthen the Institute and speed our work by bringing together faculty, staff, and students in a single facility. It will provide much-needed space, equipment, and opportunities for collaboration. And it will incorporate numerous energy-saving features, serving as a "living laboratory" that enables researchers to introduce innovative technology. Henley Hall will be a vibrant focal point that transforms the Institute from a "virtual" research center into one with a prominent and vital presence on the UCSB campus and on the global stage.