Confronting the climate challenge at scale is not just about technology and economics. We also need politically viable policy solutions for our climate and energy problems. At The 2035 Initiative, we develop policy roadmaps informed by political research to help stabilize climate change by 2035.


Launched in 2022, The 2035 Initiative is a collaboration between world-leading environmental policy and politics research labs at UC Santa Barbara. We leverage these academic and policy experts to help California, the United States, and the planet confront the climate crisis before it’s too late. 


UCSB has the biggest and strongest cluster of political scientists studying climate change of any academic institution globally, coupled with a deep bench of leading scholars on everything from accelerating renewable energy deployment to cleaning up heavy industry. The 2035 Initiative draws these research and policy teams together to create actionable policy roadmaps to slash climate pollution by 2035 and drive us towards a just, inclusive, and thriving decarbonized future. 


The 2035 Initiative is a project of the UCSB Division of Social Sciences and affiliated with the UCSB Institute for Energy Efficiency.


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2035 Staff

lucas boyd

Lucas is the Executive Director of The 2035 Initiative. He works with world-leading UCSB faculty and staff to accelerate the clean energy transition and develop equitable solutions to the climate crisis. Previously, he worked with the advocacy group Evergreen Action and held several leadership roles in environmental education. Lucas has a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from UCSB's Bren School and a B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of San Diego.

christin palmstrom

Christin is the Communications & Outreach Coordinator for The 2035 Initiative and is responsible for overseeing the Initiative's public-facing policy and research outputs, manages media relations for the Initiative, and coordinates with external partners and stakeholders. Additionally, she provides production support for the podcast A Matter of Degrees. Christin has a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management and a B.A. in Biology from UCSB.

emma franzblau

Emma is a Research Associate at The 2035 Initiative. She collaborates closely with UCSB faculty and staff, leveraging intricate data sets to inform climate and energy policies. Utilizing a range of tools, from survey design to data visualization, Emma addresses an array of climate and energy challenges on both local and global scales. Emma holds a degree in Political Science from UCSB with a minor in Statistics.