Research at the Institute

Research initiatives at the Institute for Energy Efficiency are taking place across the efficiency spectrum. The Institute has organized these efforts into six Research Areas, each of which has selected a Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenges are unifying goals, and are representative of each group’s area of focus. Each Challenge, when met, will provide solutions with immediate and lasting impact on the energy equation.

The Institute for Energy Efficiency works with UC Santa Barbara’s acclaimed faculty, scientists, engineers and researchers to develop new technologies for energy efficiency and a sustainable energy future.  By spearheading cross-disciplinary research, fostering collaborations, and expediting the commercialization of new technologies, the Institute delivers high impact advances in energy efficiency

Research at the Institute is funded primarily through government grants and industry-sponsored projects. The Institute selectively initiates or supports some research projects itself by providing seed-funding or matching grant funding. Additionally, the Institute facilitates and supports efforts to secure government/industry funding.