Various Speakers
including contributions from Southern California Edison, Cisco, Intel, Juniper, Microsoft, & LACI
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The Institute for Energy Efficiency at the University of California, Santa Barbara invites you to attend the annual 2018 Emerging Technologies Review on Thursday, May 10th. This all-day review will feature seventeen speakers, covering new developments in areas of energy and energy efficiency.

Divided into several distinct sessions, industrial and academic speakers will cover a broad range of topics in areas such as Production & Storage, Sustainability, Building & Design and Electronics & Photonics. The agenda will feature industry speakers from Southern California Edison, Cisco, Intel, Juniper, Microsoft, & LACI.

Lunch will be provided for all registered attendees.




John Bowers, UCSB - Institute for Energy Efficiency Overview
Gary Barsley, SCE - SCE-Assessing New Energy Technologies for Our Customers
Anton Van der Ven, UCSB - Battery Storage for Renewable Energy
Igor Mezic, UCSB - Building Energy Efficiency: From Research to the Marketplace
Erik Steeb, LACI - Leveraging Ecosystem Resources to Further Energy Commercialization
Martin Seifrid, UCSB - New Opportunities in Organic Solar Cells
George Tzimpragos, UCSB - Szilagyi Energy Breakthrough Fellowship: Architectural Support for Emerging Workloads
Wennie Wang, UCSB - Excellence in Research Fellowship: Tuning Optical Properties of Complex Oxides for Energy Applications
Justin Norman, UCSB - Frenkel Foundation Fellowship: Epitaxial Quantum Dot Lasers for Silicon Photonics
Greg Fish, Juniper - Optical Transceivers Using Heterogeneous Integration on Silicon
Thomas Liljeberg, Intel - Power Efficient Datacenter Network Using Silicon Photonics
Brad Booth, Microsoft - Striving for Energy Efficient Networks in the Cloud
Romesh Nandwana, Cisco - Energy Optimization of Interconnection Networks Using Silicon Photonics
John Bowers, UCSB - Ultralow Power Quantum Dot Lasers for Datacenter Applications
Salman Kahrobaee, SCE - SCE's Electric Access System Enhancement Project (EASE)
William Ahlgren, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Alternatives to Hydrogen: Liquid Regenerable Fuels
Michael Doherty, UCSB - Keynote Speaker: Producing Hydrogen to Power the Hydrogen Economy