Ranjit Deshmukh
Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies Department at UCSB
ESB 1001
ranjit deshmukh


With abundant resources and declining costs, both wind and solar technologies have the potential to significantly decarbonize our energy systems. Together with rapidly evolving battery storage and super-efficient end-use technologies, wind and solar now present an opportunity for both developed and developing economies to transition to a sustainable and low carbon future. However, their large-scale deployment introduces challenges in planning and operating future electricity systems and will require balancing trade-offs with social and environmental objectives. Using examples from his research in India and Africa, Ranjit will highlight approaches and strategies to address these challenges. He will also briefly share his ongoing projects including the development of an open-source electricity grid modeling platform and a field study to understand incentives for increasing adoption of energy efficient appliances in low income households in developing countries.


Ranjit Deshmukh is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies program at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and a faculty scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Ranjit’s research lies at the intersection of energy, environment, and economics, specifically in low-carbon energy systems, clean energy access, and electricity markets. Ranjit’s interests include strategies, policies, and market mechanisms for renewable energy integration in electric power systems and balancing trade-offs in sustainable energy system planning. He also studies technologies and incentives for increasing access to clean energy services in developing regions and low income communities. Ranjit’s work has taken him to India, Indonesia, and several countries in Africa. In pursuing his academic and applied research, he works closely with both government and non-government stakeholders including regulators, electric utilities, government ministries, non-profit organizations, and local communities.

Ranjit holds a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley.