Assistant Professor, Materials

Raphaële Clément


Prof. Clément’s research endeavors to elucidate the structure-property relationships in electrochemical materials used in rechargeable batteries. Our approach encompasses the development of novel synthetic techniques for electrode/electrolyte systems, as well as in-depth investigation of structural and electronic phenomena taking place during function of the electrochemical device, using a range of magnetic resonance techniques (mainly NMR, but also EPR) in combination with first principles simulations. Students in the group will gain expertise in electrochemistry and NMR/EPR spectroscopy, as well as a range of other characterization techniques (X-ray/neutron diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, electron microscopy). The group fosters synergy between experiments and theory, and all students can expect to gain proficiency in the computation of NMR/EPR parameters, thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of materials.


Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Cambridge
M.Sc. and B.A. in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

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