Mary Ann Piette
Associate Lab Director
Henley Hall Auditorium
mary ann flyer


The energy transition requires new technology and public-private partnership to accelerate research, development, demonstration and deployment of clean energy systems. This talk will begin with an overview of research in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Energy Technologies Area. This in- cludes R&D related to demand side systems such as buildings, industry and EVs, plus energy markets and policy analysis, as well work on energy storage, supply chains, direct air capture systems, and clean hydrogen. The talk will also highlight CalFlexHub, and control and communications technology for flexi- ble demand and grid integrated building systems. Efforts to support global decarbonization will also be covered with a brief description of the multi-lab Net Zero World program.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Mary Ann Piette is the Associate Lab Director of the Energy Technologies Area (ETA) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This area includes the Building Technology & Urban Systems (BTUS), Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts, and Energy Storage & Distributed Resources divisions. She manages a research enterprise comprised of about 700 staff and affiliates, including 120 principal inves- tigators working across a broad set of technology R&D programs to accelerate decarbonization ranging from demand-side energy efficiency and grid integration to hydrogen technologies, energy storage, and renewable energy systems. Piette facilitates collaboration with partners including manufacturers, utilities, state agencies, cities, aggregators, non-profits, engineering firms, building owners, and many others.