Professor Emeritus and Research Professor, Materials and Electrical & Computer Engineering

Arthur Gossard


Arthur Gossard’s special interests are molecular beam epitaxy, the growth of quantum wells, superlattices, magnetic semiconductors and metal/semiconductor nanocomposites and their applications to high performance electrical and optical devices and the physics of low-dimensional structures. A member of the Center for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM), Gossard contributes to research on metal/semiconductor nanocomposites that will allow the modification of intrinsic material properties that are important for high efficiency thermoelectrics.


Center for Energy Efficient Materials, Member


Arthur Gossard is a Professor of Materials and Electrical & Computer Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. He was formerly a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories. Gossard grew the first alternate monolayer artificial superlattices in semiconductors and the first modulation doped quantum wells. He was also co-discoverer of the quantum confined Stark effect and the fractional quantization of the Hall Effect. 


2015 National Medal of Technology and Innovation
2005-2006 AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize
2001 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials, American Physical Society
2001 National Academy of Sciences Member
2001 National Academy of Engineering Member
Electron Devices Society Fellow


BA: Harvard University
PhD: UC Berkeley

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