Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Luke Theogarajan


Luke Theogarajan is interested in energy-efficient circuit architectures for computation and energy efficient materials for light-harvesting. He is currently collaborating with Institute Director John Bowers to design an energy-efficient electronic-photonic interconnect for multiprocessor communication. Theogarajan concurrently is working on novel light-harvesting polymers for a low-cost solution to designing luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs). LSCs offer a way to effectively couple highly efficient inorganic solar cells with organic dyes, lowering the cost.


Luke Theogarajan is currently an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before starting his Ph.D, he worked for Intel for five years where he was part of the Pentium 4 design team. He has published both in the field of electrical engineering and polymer chemistry and holds four patents.


PhD: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT (2007)

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