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AIM Photonics via State University of New York (SUNY)
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Jim Buckwalter
John Bowers
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Electronics & Photonics
The ability to efficiently move analog formatted information within military platforms is a critical need currently provided by coaxial electrical cabling. These coax cables are necessary for many systems including Communications (COMMS), RADAR, Electronic Warfare (EW), and a variety of internal sensors. As the need to gather more information increases and the frequency ranges of interest expand the platform burden to accommodate these coax cables is becoming significant. In order to minimize the attenuation, EMI susceptibility, and to attempt to equalize frequency dependent losses, these coax cables become large, stiff, heavy, susceptible to damage, and expensive. There is a compelling need for an alternative solution for current platforms and more critically to enable the design of future platforms. This project makes advancements on the progress from the 2017 and 2018 projects to develop an RF over Fiber solution for efficiently moving analog formatted information in a coax cable alternative instantiation.