Chief Executive Officer, AgMonitor

Olivier Jerphagnon


Olivier Jerphagnon is a serial entrepreneur with a talent to bring new technology to market. He grew up around farms and satellite dishes in Britany. He is an expert in applying complex data mining techniques to solve practical infrastructure problems. He founded AgMonitor’s artificial intelligence platform to address the needs of the food-energy-water nexus. Prior to that, Olivier was CEO of Monitoring Division Inc., which sold professional services to telecom carriers worldwide using patented data sensing and machine learning technologies from Melbourne University. He started his career in the research team at Calient that built the first 3D-MEMS fiber switch deployed worldwide. He then worked with the manufacturing team to improve production yields using statistical process control. He later worked with the Research and Education Network community to leverage fiber switches and software defined networks to enable new Big Science experiments around the world that led to his interest in smart infrastructure to have a positive impact on society and the environment. Mr Jerphagnon holds 8 patents and published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles. He was recently the Primary Investigator on two EPIC funded projects in collaboration with UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Fresno and WHC Coalinga.


BS Physics, Grenoble Institute of Technology 
MS Electronics and Photonics, UC Santa Barbara