Award Period:
Award Amount
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AIM Photonics via State University of New York (SUNY)
PI Name
Jim Buckwalter
John Bowers
Area/s of Research:
Electronics & Photonics
This project will advance the potential for commercial and military applications of RF/analog silicon photonic circuit manufacturing technology in the SUNY Silicon Photonic (SiP) manufacturing process and high-volume packaging solutions for RF photonic systems. This proposal builds on the results of the 2017 effort involving a consortium of defense contractors (Lockheed, Raytheon, Harris) and academia (UCSB, Georgia Tech, and University of Virginia) to identify and solve critical limitations in the performance capabilities of silicon photonic integration in the RF domain by sharing knowledge regarding device IP in the SUNY process, and facilitate technology transition into commercial applications. This project will 1) further the development of SiP critical elements, and 2) advance the packaging and integration with other photonic and electronic elements necessary to develop a complete solution.