Book a Conference Room or the Henley Hall Lecture Auditorium

Use the Google Forms below to book one of the Henley Hall conference rooms or the lecture hall. Please review the calendar linked in each respective Google Form to check availabilities (click on each "busy" line to view the full event duration).

Conference Rooms:

Room 1002

  • Seats 16 people

  • Whiteboard wall

  • Display TV with Logitech Speaker/Camera

Room 2014

  • Seats 10 people

  • Whiteboard wall

  • Display TV

Room 3014

  • Seats 10 people

  • Whiteboard wall

  • Display TV

HH 1002, 2014, and 3014 reservations are managed by IEE. For questions about booking the conference rooms, please contact Cassandra Tai at

Lecture Hall:

Room 1010

  • 124 Seat Auditorium

  • Projector and screen, Whiteboard

  • 4 microphones (two handheld, two lapel)

  • Podium (with touchscreen monitor that can adjust mic volume)

HH 1010 reservations are managed by COE. For questions about booking the lecture hall, please contact Celeste Natera at For questions about the building, please contact IEE.

Henley Hall Lock Schedule:

  • The conference rooms (1002, 2014, 3014) and the 1010 Auditorium are open from 7am-9pm every day. Doors will lock at 9pm.
  • Henley exterior doors are open from 7am-5pm on weekdays. Doors will lock at 5pm, and are locked all-day on weekends.
  • If your event will be happening when the building/conference room is locked, please contact IEE Assistant Director, Jenna Craig, to request for the doors to be unlocked for the duration of your event.

For questions regarding A/V equipment, please contact Jenna Craig.

Any questions regarding catering requests or additional furniture should be directed to Campus Catering or Furniture Services.