Summit Speaker: Joe Pettus


Senior Vice President, Fuel & Energy
Safeway Inc.

Joe is responsible for a $4 billion-plus per year operation consisting of nearly 400 gasoline stations throughout the United States and Canada, as well as all of Safeway’s electricity, natural gas, utility, and “green” energy operations.

Safeway has been one of the top ten retail wind energy purchasers in the nation, according to the US EPA Green Power Partners program. Also, by the end of this year Safeway will have nearly 20 acres of solar panels on its roofs in California. This year Safeway will open the only LEED certified store in the nation to be powered with both fuel cell and solar technology.

Safeway signed a legally binding agreement with the Chicago Climate Exchange, promising to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by at least 1.5% per year for each of the next four years. No other retailer in the world has done the same.

In 2004 Safeway applied for and received a Wholesale Energy Marketing License from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), one of only two retailers in the nation to receive such a license. This certification allows Safeway to source and manage its own electricity directly, bypassing the traditional utility providers. Some of the savings in energy costs realized from this unique arrangement were then invested in green energy operations.

Joe was named an “Eco-Warrior who is changing the World” by 7X7 San Francisco Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at many national conferences including the G8 Climate Change Conference in Washington, DC, the Milken Global Conference in Hollywood, and the LA Business Council at The Getty in Los Angeles. Joe serves as a member of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Environment & Energy Committee.

Joe graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1970 where he received degrees in both Engineering and Business. He currently serves on the Board of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


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