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Read more about the Institute's mission and our Campaign for the Institute for Energy Efficiency, led by Jeff and Judy Henley's transformative gift of $50 million to the Institute and College of Engineering.
Sep 29 2014
Michael R. Watts presents "Low Power and Large-Scale Microphotonic Circuits"
Congratulations to Chris Proctor and John Simpson-Porco, this year's recipients of the Peter J. Frenkel Fellowship.
Olivier Jerphagnon (center) at the Cleantech Open 2013.
UC Santa Barbara alumnus Olivier Jerphagnon's award-winning start-up PowWow Energy is helping farmers save money and energy by detecting water leaks early with its smart leak detectorâ„¢ technology.
Ecorithm's technology -- originally developed by Institute faculty Igor Mezic under a DoD/DARPA grant to analyze fighter jet performance -- is transforming unstructured building data inputs into actionable intelligence that drastically improves building efficiency.
A molecule very similar to the dyes used in automotive paint has been successfully incorporated into plastic solar cells, moving this technology one step closer to producing low-carbon electricity on a commercial scale.

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