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Shuji Nakamura, member of the IEE Lighting Solutions Group, has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics. Nakamura was honored for his semiconductor research which has led to worldwide industrial production of energy-saving LED lighting systems.
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Read more about the Institute's mission and our Campaign for the Institute for Energy Efficiency, led by Jeff and Judy Henley's transformative gift of $50 million to the Institute and College of Engineering.
Oct 22 2014
Jeffrey Neaton presents "Ab Initio Theories of Charge Transport and Energy Conversion at the Nanoscale"
Thank you George and Tara Holbrook for your continuing support! The Holbrook Foundation Fellowship is awarded to one student from each of our six Solutions Groups per academic year.
Oct 24 2014
Scott Corzine presents "The Race for Gallium Nitride Blue Lasers: A Tribute to Shuji Nakamura"
Congratulations to Chris Proctor and John Simpson-Porco, this year's recipients of the Peter J. Frenkel Fellowship.

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