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Dec 03 2015
This talk will focus on Dr. Klamkin's research regarding integrated photonics, and examples of novel applications of this technology including space optical communications.
Congratulations to our executive director, for being named Sustainability Champion for 2015! The CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference recognizes David for his work on the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative.
IEE faculty Michael Chabinyc, Tim Cheng, and Rachel Segalman will be a part of this Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) for Flexible Hybrid Electronics.
Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Peter J. Frenkel Foundation Fellows for their outstanding research in energy and efficiency.
The Institute is proud to be a part of AIM Photonics, a partnership of universities, labs, and industry who will lead research and manufacturing of photonic technology and create jobs
Congratulations to Peng Gu, Joshua Bocarsley, Chao Xiang, and Akchheta Karki! Thank you to George and Tara Holbrook for your generous support in making these awards possible!

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