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EPA grant
UCSB professors to create the Sustainable Chemical Network to track the health and environmental impacts of new substances.
Apr 17 2014
John Papanikolas
FREE SEMINAR 4/17 at 4pm in ESB 1001. This talk will discuss ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy with optical microscopy and how it is used to study the charge carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanowires with both spatial and temporal resolution.
A report led by Prof. Sangwon Suh assesses the implications of halving global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
Techniques developed at UC Santa Barbara have resulted in record performance quantum dot lasers for silicon photonics data communication.
Apr 18 2014
Frederic Laquai
FREE SEMINAR 4/18 at 3:30pm in Elings Hall (CNSI) 1605. In my talk, I will present our recent results on exciton diffusion, charge transfer, charge separation and recombination in blends of low-bandgap polymers.
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