Lighting the World

UCTV has released a four part series about Unite to Light, and Shuji Nakumura's brilliant discovery.

In the first episode of Lighting the World, John Bowers, Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency describes this problem and how they are using the highly efficient white LED, discovered by Shuji Nakamura, as a solution.

In the first episode of Lighting the World, we meet Institute faculty Shuji Nakamura, creator of the white LED, and explore the decades-long quest to develop the white-light emitting LED.

In the third episode of Lighting the World - after years of effort, Shuji Nakamura discovers the breakthrough that enables the creation of the white-light emitting LED, unleashing a revolution in the way the world uses light and power.

The final episode of Lighting the World explores research at UC Santa Barbara's Solid State Lighting and Energy Center, what the future of lighting and power use may be, and how Shuji Nakamura's work continues to affect the world of light and energy use.

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