White Paper on Accelerating Systems Engineering for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Summarizing Outcomes of a Two-Day Workshop

June 14, 2011--

Commercial buildings waste approximately one-third of the energy they consume because of sub- optimal operating standards. These buildings consume 18 percent of all energy produced in the United States. Improved building automation in commercial buildings could reduce United States energy consumption by as much as 6 percent. This reduction represents significant energy and maintenance cost savings and environmental benefits, as well as indirect benefits such as improved occupant health and productivity.  

Stemming from a 2-day workshop convened by the Institute in December 2010, which brought together a group of cross-industry stakeholders to develop recommendations for expediting the development and adoption of systems engineering for energy efficiency in buildings, this white paper recommends improvements and actions needed to advance the development and adoption of integrated building control systems for energy efficiency.

Download the full White Paper (PDF)