Production & Storage

Solar panels

To develop solar cells with double the efficiency at 1/10th of the cost.

Most of the energy we use today is generated by burning fossil fuels, with negative consequences for the environment, our economy, and our geopolitical stability.  That makes finding sufficient supplies of clean energy a critical challenge. Since many of these alternative energy sources are intermittent, such as solar and wind energy, highly-efficient energy storage systems, such as batteries and flywheels, are required for their full and effective realization. 

Institute researchers are working on a range of technologies to generate and store clean, renewable energy.


Thermoelectrics Developing new nanostructured materials for more efficient thermoelectric devices.
Organic Solar Cells Developing materials and devices for low cost, flexible and transparent solar cells.
Multi-junction Solar Cells Developing high efficiency 4- and 5-junction solar cells for use in concentrator photovoltaic applications.
Batteries Developing improved storage technologies, including a biologically-inspired battery with 10x more power and 40% higher energy density than existing lithium-ion batteries, and a new form of storage device combining the best features of batteries and capacitors for use in hybrid electric vehicles.

Research Projects