AIM Photonics: Integrated Photonic Analog Link on Si

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Jim Buckwalter


Roger Helkey
John Bowers
Larry Coldren
Jonathan Klamkin

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State University of New York (SUNY)


Military platforms require a significant number of analog links to effectively run communications, radar, and electronic warfare. For the radio frequency performance required, this translates into many coaxial cables on every platform that are thicker and stiffer than fiber-optic cable as shown in Figure 1. The Integrated Photonic Analog Link on Silicon (“Si”) project seeks to provide a compelling coaxial cable replacement by converting the radio frequency to optics and transporting the signals over thin fiber-optic cables. Normally, the optical conversion would consume the space and weight saved but integrated photonics allow the conversion to happen in the backshell of the radio frequency cable. This integrated photonic replacement will reduce the weight and space needed for these radio frequency cables and the flexibility of thin fiber-optic cables will ease the installation and maintenance of the platforms.

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01/01/2016 to 12/31/2016

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Electronics Photonics Materials