Anton Van der Ven

Associate Professor


1361A Engineering Science Building II

University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080

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Research Description: 

Anton Van der Ven is interested in understanding and predicting equilibrium and non-equilibrium materials properties from first-principles. He combines electronic structure methods (density functional theory) with techniques from statistical mechanics to calculate thermodynamic and kinetic properties of new materials, including oxides and structures of assembled nano-particles for battery and fuel cell components, metallic alloys, alloy surfaces for catalysis and organic electronic materials.


BS: Metallurgy and Applied Materials Science, University of Louvain
PhD: Materials Science, MIT


Anton Van der Ven is associate professor in the Materials Department at UCSB. He joined the University of Michigan as an assistant professor in 2005, following a post doc at MIT. Van der Ven joined the Materials Department at UCSB in the summer of 2013.