2020 Emerging Technologies Review - Day 3: Food-Energy-Water Nexus Workshop

Oct 23, 2020  |  9:00am | Virtual Three-Day Event
Various Speakers
including contributions from AgMonitor and Woolf Farming & Processing and

The Institute for Energy Efficiency at UC Santa Barbara invites you to attend our 2020 Emerging Technologies Review. In this special year, IEE ETR will take place in a series of focused virtual Friday workshops in October. Save the dates for October 2nd, 16th, and 23rd.

The ETR virtual workshops will cover new developments in: Energy Efficient Clouds and Data Centers on October 2nd; Smart Societal Infrastructure on October 16th; and Food-Energy-Water on October 23rd. Each virtual workshop will feature world class experts and leaders in that arena from industry, academia and government.

Day 3: IEE ETR Food-Energy-Water Nexus Workshop
Friday, October 23rd  |  9am-1pm PDT

This virtual ETR workshop will focus on the food-energy-water nexus, that is the sustainable production of food, clean water, and energy to support a growing population. The workshop will feature a talk from Stuart Woolf, the President and CEO of Woolf Farming and Processing, giving a perspective from the California Agricultural industry. Mr. Woolf is past Chairman of both the California League of Food Processors and the Almond Board of California.  The workshop will also include a keynote from Olivier Jerphagnon, CEO of AgMonitor Inc. on the use of big data analytics to support the agricultural industry, a talk by Professor Chandra Krintz on the UCSB SmartFarm  projects, a talk on groundwater depletion from Professor Deb Perrone, and a keynote from Professor Steven DenBaars on using UV light to disinfect and sterilize, including for Covid-19. The workshop will conclude with a lively panel session for these world class speakers to interact and discuss their views. Please join us!



Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Olivier Jerphagnon - AgMonitor: Artificial Intelligence to Solve Practical Problems in the Food and Agriculture Sector
Chandra Krintz - UCSB: The SmartFarm Project

Deb Perrone - UCSB: Groundwater Depletion Amplifies the Water-Energy Nexus
Steve DenBaars - UCSB: Development of Ultraviolet (UV) LED Technology for Disinfection and Sterilization for COVID-19
Stuart WoolfWoolf Farming and Processing: A Perspective from the California Agricultural Industry

Panel Session: The Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Moderator: Bob Wilkinson - UCSB
Olivier Jerphagnon - AgMonitor
Chandra Krintz - UCSB
Deb Perrone - UCSB
Steve DenBaars - UCSB
Stuart Woolf - Woolf Farming and Processing


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