Summit Speaker: Jean-Marie Tarascon


Professor, University of Picardie

Jean-Marie Tarascon (1953) is presently professor at the University of Picardie (Amiens), but most of his career was done in the USA, first at Cornell University (1980), then at Bell Laboratories and finally at Bellcore until 1994. His field of research lies in the development of new techniques for the synthesis of new electronic materials (new superconductors, new ferroelectrics, new fluoride glasses and new rechargeable batteries materials) for new solid state electronic devices, and relating crystal structure to electronic, optical and magnetic properties.

He has made outstanding contributions to the field of superconductivity and he is the one who is at the origin of the thin and flexile plastic Li-ion battery based on a strong and highly resistant hybrid polymer system that is presently commercialized. Presently, as the head of the Institute of Chemistry of Picardie and coordinator of the European Research Institute for battery research (ALISTORE-ERI) he is exploiting new Li reactivity concepts such as conversion or displacement reactions, and novel electrodes designs for the next generation of Li-ion batteries based on nano-electrodes/electrolyte components.

He is Author of about 66 patents and more than 470 publications, recipient of many awards, the last in line being the Volta Medal, the 2004 “ISI AWARD”, his nomination at the French Academy of Sciences in 2005 and the UPJV gold medalist in 2008.

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