Summit Speaker: James G.P. Dehlsen

James G.P. Dehlsen

Ecomerit Technologies, LLC

James G.P. Dehlsen is recognized as a pioneering industrialist in wind power and renewable energy. 

In 1980, Jim Dehlsen founded Zond Corporation and served as its CEO and Chairman of the Board. Zond developed wind power technology, growing rapidly to become one of the largest global companies in wind turbine manufacturing, wind power project development, and plant operation. General Electric bought Zond manufacturing, technology and products for its entry into the wind energy industry.

In 2001, Jim Dehlsen and his son, Brent Dehlsen, established Clipper Windpower, Inc., where Jim served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Clipper developed the advanced technology 2.5MW Liberty wind turbine and  established manufacturing and assembly facilities producing over 1200 megawatts (500 turbines) deployed to 18 generating facilities across the U.S. and Mexico. In December, 2010, United Technologies Corporation purchased Clipper for its strategic entry into the global wind industry.

In 2009, Jim and Brent Dehlsen established Ecomerit Technologies, LLC as a commercial development laboratory for new sustainability-related systems with initial emphasis on marine renewable energy: the Aquantis project for oceancurrents and the Centipod project for harnessing wave energy. Ecomerit innovates, designs and uses systematic technical and economic processes to advance technology projects to commercial-­ready status.

Jim is a former Director of the American Wind Energy Association and has served as an advisor to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Program. He has participated as a delegate at the Climate Change Conference in Kyoto, Japan; testified on renewable energy matters at U.S. Senate hearings, and is currently a Director of the Worldwatch Institute. Jim received his BS and MBA from University of Southern California, and has 14 patents and 12 filed and pending. 

Recognition of Jim’s work includes the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Wind Energy Association; Renewable Energy World Leadership in Technology Award; cited in Top 50 Low-­Carbon Pioneers by CNBC; US Wind Pioneer by the US Department of Energy; induction into the Environmental Hall of Fame as a leading environmentalist and “Father of American Wind Energy”; Danish Medal of Honor conferred by His Royal Highness, Prince Henrik of Denmark.

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