Institute for Energy Efficiency Announces Holbrook Foundation Fellows

September 10, 2012

The Institute for Energy Efficiency announced today it's 2012-2013 Holbrook Foundation fellows comprised of six outstanding graduate students, each pursuing research that will change how energy is produced, used, and managed. 

Introducing the 2012-2013 Holbrook Foundation Fellows and their respective areas of research:

Patrick Callery, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, Economics and Policy Solutions Group
Measuring economic cost of renewable energy technologies relative to fossil fuel based sources, corrected for subsidies and externalities.

Zhaoxia (Summer) DengComputer Science Department, Computing Solutions Group
Improving data center energy efficiency by optimizing its inter-architecture, networking, and geographical deployment related with renewable energy distribution.

Stefan Gerardo HeinzeMaterials Department, Production and Storage Solutions Group
Fundamental research on the microstructure evolution of lightweight, strong, heat-resistant materials, with emphasis on structural alloys and ceramics, for use in more efficient and environmentally cleaner transportation technologies.

Patrick McBrideMaterials Department, Lighting Solutions Group
Simulations of light emitting diodes, particularly exploring the effects of polarization fields on current-voltage characteristics and light emission.

Christopher McCallumMechanical Engineering Department, Buildings and Design Solutions Group
Combining computational and experimental fluid dynamics in small-scale fluidic applications.

Eric StantonElectrical and Computer Engineering Department, Electronics and Photonics Solutions Group
Developing a low power, energy efficient, ultra-low phase noise oscillator based on ultra-high quality factor ring resonator technology.

The Holbrook Foundation Fellowships are made possible by the generous support of George and Tara Holbrook. Awarded to incoming PhD students for the 2012-2013 academic year, these fellowships help recruit and retain top graduate students to UC Santa Barbara.  Fellows receive a top-off stipend during the academic year and a research position during the summer.  In addition, fellows are granted access to select Institute events such as the Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency and meetings with visiting speakers in their field.

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