BSST joins Industry Partners Program

August 27, 2009

The Institute for Energy Efficiency today announced BSST has joined their Industry Partners Program. The Industry Partners Program is designed to support the commercialization of new technologies for energy efficiency by fostering collaborative interactions between partners and the Institute.

BSST is collaborating with academic and industrial researchers to further accelerate material advancements, which when coupled with BSST's thermal isolation would improve the efficiency of the thermoelectric by a factor of four. With that degree of improvement, a number of practical commercial applications such as space heating and cooling can out-perform conventional vapor phase transition methods.
Currently BSST develops thermoelectric systems for electronic device cooling, home and automotive air conditioning and heating, and military and communications systems.  BSST is also advancing the use of thermoelectrics in the area of power generation. Used in reverse, thermoelectrics can generate power by converting thermal energy, such as the waste heat from an automobile exhaust, into an electrical current.
BSST was founded by Dr. Lon Bell in 2000, as a subsidiary of Amerigon Incorporated, to develop advanced thermoelectric systems.  BSST has developed and demonstrated the highest efficiency achieved with thermoelectric technology to date.  BSST's mission is to provide highly efficient, effective, and practical solid-state temperature control and power generation solutions to industry, while continuing to advance the leading edge performance of its technology through sustained research and development.



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