Industry Engagement

We recognize that partnering with Industry is the key to new technologies truly making an impact. We offer several ways for corporations to leverage faculty expertise and research excellence in energy efficiency at UC Santa Barbara.

Industry Partners Program

The Industry Partners Program promotes and facilitates collaborative interactions between corporations and the Institute, accelerating the commercialization of technologies that will reduce the growth in energy consumption. The Institute welcomes participation in the program from corporations both large and small. Member benefits include:

  • Expedited awareness of intellectual property
  • Access to Institute faculty for research discussions
  • Customized support to recruit students

Technology Roundtables

These roundtables are closed-door discussions among a small group of experts and stakeholders from academia, government, and Industry. Roundtables are designed to distill and focus in on the most salient problems in adoption of new technologies in energy efficiency and create solutions to accelerate adoption of these technologies. Topics are centered around the core research areas of the Institute.

Sponsored Research

Sponsored research enables the expansion of a corporation's R&D capacity through partnership with the Institute's world-class researchers and faculty. Providing research support also allows corporations to collaborate with the Institute to develop and commercialize the technological Innovations created within the Institute.

Graduate and Post-Doctoral Fellowships

In support of its mission to educate and train a new generation of energy technologists for the emerging energy economy, the Institute supports graduate and post-doctoral students across its research groups through competitive fellowships. Gifts to support these fellowships offer a fantastic opportunity to guide the curriculum that will shape our future work force, enable direct access to research, and increase a corporation's visibility among students.

Seminars and Lectures

In addition to participating in the Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency, corporations are invited to present a seminar or lecture in an area of their expertise and interest.These events are not just limited to the UCSB community but can also be presented to the general public.


For more information about engaging in any of these programs, please contact jen [at] iee [dot] ucsb [dot] edu (Jen McJannet).

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