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  • CNBC has shared the UCSB press release on the 2013 Summit on Energy Efficiency, to be held on May 1-2 2013. Keynote speakers at the event that is focused on "Materials for a sustainable future" include Steve Chu, Michael McQuade, George Crabtree and Kateri Callahan.
    Mar 28 2013
  • The Institute for Energy Efficiency is being featured in the winter edition of LoaLiving Magazine. The coverage recognizes the solution-driven research and innovation carried out at the Institute.
    Mar 27 2013
  • An interdisciplinary team of UCSB students has taken a top prize at the 2013 Better Building Case Competition, part of President Obama's Better Buildings Initiative. Several Institute faculty and graduate students were involved with this team.
    Mar 22 2013
  • "Better [power] conversion means the same work gets done with fewer power lines and power plants, and less environmental impact." An article by the Ventura County Reporter details the energy-saving work done by Institute Faculty Umesh Mishra's company, Transphorm.
    Mar 20 2013
  • In this episode of Lighting the World featured on UCTV, John Bowers of the Institute for Energy Efficiency describes how they are using the highly efficient white LED, discovered by Shuji Nakamura, to address the lack of reliable, economical light sources in many parts of the world.
    Mar 15 2013
  • Institute faculty member and Transphorm CEO, Umesh Mishra, will be presenting at the 2013 IHS CERAWeek as an Energy Innovation Pioneer, as reported by Market Watch. This title is given to forward-looking companies and entrepreneurs who are transforming the energy future.
    Mar 5 2013
  • From Marketwatch: UCSB announces Steven Chu as featured keynote speaker at May 2013 Summit on Energy Efficiency.
    Jan 25 2013
  • Galen Stucky, an Institute faculty member, was the lead player in a UCSB research team to win a $1.6 million federal grant to further explore and develop a more user-friendly alternate to the lithium ion batteries.
    Dec 6 2012
  • The DOE's Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy awards UC Santa Barbara $1.6 million to develop an energy storage device for hybrid electric vehicles that combines the properties of capacitors and batteries into one technology.
    Nov 28 2012
  • WIRED Magazine features an article on the history of LEDs. Institute Faculty Shuji Nakamura's blue LED breakthrough is part of LED history.
    Nov 2 2012

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