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  • Leading research institutions from China, India, the UK, and the US are conducting joint research projects in the field of energy-related materials including low-cost organic solar cell research at UCSB
    Feb 18 2009
  • With the economic crisis forcing companies to embrace frugal spending, energy efficiency is becoming a hot topic.
    Feb 4 2009
  • University centers harness brainpower and technology to stop wasting energy — conserve, baby, conserve!
    Jan 16 2009
  • A wedge in the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere can be created by using a variety of strategies to cut emissions.
    Aug 14 2008
  • Senator McCain spoke in Santa Barbara with a panel that included Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, UC Santa Barbara Dean of Engineering Matthew Tirrell and other energy experts.
    Jun 30 2008
  • A group of researchers at UC Santa Barbara is leading research efforts into integrated building design, in which active control of indoor airflows could greatly improve the ventilation and efficiency of heating and cooling in buildings.
    Mar 1 2008
  • Engineers take embedded computing to new levels of precision through elaborate control systems in their quest for greater efficiency.
    Dec 1 2007
  • Researchers at UC Santa Barbara look into fueling America's cars on hydrogen, an energy source that's carbon-free, produced entirely in the U.S. and as abundant as water.
    Dec 1 2007
  • Researchers at the UCSB Center for Polymers and Organic Solids are finding ways to reduce the cost of solar cells to make photovoltaics at least as cheap as the grid.
    Dec 1 2007

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