Richard Wolski

Computer Science
rich [at] cs [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

Institute Role
Head of Computing Solutions Group 

Role in Affiliated Centers
Member of the Center for Energy Efficiency Design and the Greenscale Center for Energy-Efficient Computing

Richard Wolski’s research interests include cloud computing, computational grid computing for performance, and parallel and distributed systems. He works with the Greenscale Center for Energy-Efficient Computing to restructure computations to be more energy aware through virtualization technology: a powerful tool with which to migrate and consolidate computations when used in conjunction with models and control of cooling technologies. Other recent endeavors include Eucalyptus: an open-source implementation of cloud computing that can emulate Amazon's EC2 on your own resources (commercialized as Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.); the Network Weather Service: a distributed system that periodically monitors and dynamically forecasts the performance that various network and computational resources can deliver over a given time interval; EveryWare: a toolkit for building high-performance globally distributed programs; and G-Commerce: market-based resource allocation strategies for the grid.

Richard Wolski received a Ph.D. from U.C. Davis/Lawrence Livermore Campus (1994), an M.S. degree from U.C. Davis/Lawrence Livermore Campus (1989), and a B.S. degree from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo (1986). He is currently a Professor in the Computer Science Department at UC Santa Barbara and serves as a Strategic Advisor to the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He has spent time as a research faculty member at UC San Diego in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and from 2001 to 2004 served as the Grid Systems Lead for the National Science Foundation National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure. Wolski is the recipient of an Academic Senate University Distinguished Teaching Award (UCSB, 2005), the Computer Science Teacher of the Year Award (UCSB, 2003) and the award for Best Acceleration for “Where do you want to Compute Today?” at the High-performance Computing Challenge, SC98 (Orlando FL, 1998). Wolski has over 100 publications and has successfully commercialized his research into Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., an open-source cloud software vendor.

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