Chandra Krintz

Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering
ckrintz [at] cs [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

Institute Role
Member of Computing Solutions Group

Role in Affiliated Centers
Member of the Greenscale Center for Energy-Efficient Computing

Chandra Krintz's research interests include automatic and adaptive compiler, programming language, virtual runtime, and operating system techniques that improve performance (for high-end systems) and that increase battery life (for mobile, resource-constrained devices). She contributes to the field of energy-aware computing through her research in virtualization technology: a powerful tool with which to migrate and consolidate computations when used in conjunction with models and control of cooling technologies. Krintz’s recent work focuses on programming language and runtime support for cloud computing. Her research group has recently developed and released AppScale -- an open-source platform-as-a-service cloud computing system that implements the Google App Engine (GAE) APIs and that facilitates next-generation cloud computing research.

Chandra Krintz is a Professor at UC Santa Barbara. She joined the UCSB faculty in 2001 after receiving M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from UC San Diego. Krintz has supervised and mentored over 40 students, has published her work in a wide range of ACM venues including CGO, ECOOP, PACT, PLDI, OOPSLA, ASPLOS, and others, and leads several educational and outreach programs that introduce computer science to young people, particularly those from underrepresented groups. Her efforts have been recognized with a 2006 NSF CAREER award, the 2008 CRA-W Anita Borg Early Career Award (BECA), and the 2008-9 UCSB Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award. Krintz is an ACM Senior Member and an IEEE Senior Member.

For more information on Chandra, check out her video and presentation entitled "AppScale: Open-source Platform-as-a-Service for Cloud Computing Research and Engineering" here.

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