MIT Enterprise Forum: Daniel Morse

Daniel Morse
Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
University of California, Santa Barbara

The Weakest Link in Renewable Energy: Clean Energy Storage
MIT Enterprise Forum Central Coast
Panel Discussion with Faculty & Industry Experts from UCSB

June 20, 2012| 5:00pm | Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center


Keynote Speaker: Daniel Morse, Professor at UC Santa Barbara and Institute faculty member 

Panelists: David Auston, Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency; Daniel Weiss, Managing Partner & Co-founder of Angeleno Group; and Leslie Edwards, Director of Corporate Business Development, UCSB College of Engineering


Renewable energy is unpredictable...flooding the grid one day and abandoning it the next. One answer to the grid challenge could be to store these peaks of energy.  However, today's batteries do not have nearly the capacity and they are an environmental fiasco. This Forum will bring one of the leading cleantech venture groups in California, Angeleno Group, a start-up in high powered batteries, LifeCel Technology, and an expert in the flaws in the current technologies together to discuss recent breakthroughs in energy storage. LifeCel Technology Inc. is a Santa Barbara start-up spun out of UCSB to scale-up and commercialize recent breakthroughs from Professor Morse's lab.  LifeCel's new materials are enabling major improvements in next-generation batteries and fuel-cells.

Event details can be found on the MIT Enterprise Forum Central Coast website.

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