Seminar: Shekhar Borkar

Shekhar Borkar
Director, Extreme-scale Technologies
Intel Labs 

Will Interconnect Help or Limit the Future of Computing?

February 27, 2012 | 10:00am | Engineering II, Room 1519

Co-Presented with the Department of Computer Engineering

More than ten years ago, it was envisioned that the interconnects will be the limiters for continued increase in compute performance. Now we know that it's not the interconnects but power and energy that has been the limiter. As technology scaling continues providing abundance of transistors, and new architectures to continue to deliver performance in a given power envelope, we need to revisit the role of interconnects. This talk will touch on technology outlook, future architectures and design directions for continued performance towards Exascale, and the role of interconnects-whether they will help or hinder! 

Shekhar Borkar graduated with M.Sc in Physics from University of Bombay in 1979, MSEE from University of Notre Dame in 1981 and joined Intel Corp, where he worked on the 8051 family of microcontrollers, and Intel's supercomputers. His research interests are low power, high performance digital circuits, and high speed signaling. Shekhar is an Intel Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, and Director of Extreme-scale Technologies in Intel Labs.


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