Seminar: Paul Davis

Paul Davis
Advisory Board Chairman, Titan Oil Recovery

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Breakthrough?

January 25, 2012 | 4:00pm | ESB 1001 

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For over 60 years the oil Industry has been trying to find a way to use microbes to recover a significant percentage (1% to 10%) of the 6.2 trillion barrels of oil trapped in global oil fields with little or no success.  Titan Oil Recovery founded in 2001 has developed, tested, and treated 20 oil fields in California and Canada over the past four years-plus with its proprietary Microbial Enhanced Oil Recover (MEOR) technology called the Titan Process® with great commercial success.  There have been approximately 183 treatments to date made to the 20 fields with an 88% success rate resulting in an increase in oil production of approximately 101 per cent.  Since oil energy is the number one challenge of the 21st Century, Titan feels its oil recovery technology is a “game changer” for the oil industry. 

C. Paul Davis brings over 35 years of business experience in the computer industry and other technology fields such as conductive polymers.  Mr. Davis has served on seven prior Boards of Directors and holds six patents. He has successfully started seven companies. Mr. Davis has spent much of his business career working with the top management of large companies, including Polaroid, NCR, Burroughs, 3M, Neste Og, and others. A major joint venture with Polaroid Corporation resulted in a state-of-the-art floppy disk manufacturing facility in California and an agreement to market a co-label Polaroid-PerfectData line of high-end floppy disks on a global basis. PermaByte Magnetics, a company founded by Mr. Davis in 1984, was key to this joint venture. Mr. Davis took one of his companies, PerfectData Corporation, through a successful public offering in 1983. He has built and sold several of his start-up companies, and he has engaged in extensive business negotiations in the United States, the Far East and Europe.  In the early 1980’s, Mr. Davis was the Founder and Co-Chairperson of SO/CAL/TEN, a business organization for executives in the high-tech industry in Southern California.  Later, when he moved to Santa Barbara, he was Co-Founder of the MIT Forum on the Central Coast of California.



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