Energy Leadership Lecture Series: Robert Socolow



Technologies for Living in a Greenhouse

 August 12, 2008 | 5:00 PM | Kohn Hall, UCSB

UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency and Novim are pleased to present the fourth in the Energy Leadership Lecture Series. 

The massive task of mitigating climate change due to greenhouse gasses is hugely complex. The mitigation strategy developed by Robert Socolow, an engineer and physicist, and ecologist Stephen Pacala, co-directors of Princeton’s Carbon Mitigation Initiative, reduces that massiveness and complexity to a series of seven “wedges.” Each wedge is focused on a specific source of emissions, means of mitigation, or technologies to reduce demand. That model provides “access points” to first stabilizing and then reducing greenhouse gas emissions, applicable both globally and by the individual. 

Socolow and Pacala are widely regarded as major innovative thinkers and key strategists in addressing climate change.


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Robert Socolow’s presentation is now available for downlaod in PDF.

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