Event of Interest: 2010 International Workshop on Smart Energy Management

International Workshop on Smart Energy Management

March 29 and 30, 2010
Katsura Campus of Kyoto University, Japan

Hosted by the Research Promotion Council of Keihanna Info-Communication Open Laboratory
Organized in cooperation with Kyoto University and the University of California, Santa Barbara.


The following two topics will be discussed in this workshop:

Integration of Power, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies

Energy distribution has traditionally been managed and regulated by regional power and gas suppliers. However, because of the complex physical dynamics due to fast and slow time scales, this is a very challenging task, especially on the demand side. Currently we intend to overcome these challenges through the development of information, communication, power, and system control technologies. The focus in Part I will be the integration of a smart network that consists of energy, power, and information that are enabled through advanced communication technologies. The integration begins at the “smallest” grid inside the home, then moves to building units, and finally reaches the local area. Understanding the dynamical points of view of this complex network is the key enabler to accomplishing the energy distribution in a safe, robust, and intelligent way. The presenters that are invited in this part will give talks about the current status of the integration issue.

Management Technology of Multi-Scale Power Networks

Smart electricity management will be carried out when automation and control systems meet cutting-edge hardware architecture and equipments which will be discussed in Part I. To develop such automation and control systems, we need to not only do fundamental studies on modeling, analysis, and control of multi-scale power networks, but also gain operational experience on prototype systems. The focus in Part II will be the current status of analysis, control, and design of power networks with applications to smart electricity management. The presenters that are invited from both industry and academia will give talks about the current vision of the Smart Grid, operation experience of large-scale power networks, and theoretical approaches to the design and analysis of power networks.

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