Holbrook Foundation Fellowships

The Holbrook Foundation Fellowships are made possible through the generous support of George and Tara Holbrook.  These fellowships for entering graduate students are intended as top-off awards designed to assist our faculty in drawing outstanding prospects with a research focus in energy efficiency to UC Santa Barbara.

The goal of the Institute is to name one student from each of our six Solutions Groups per academic year.  The award provides a quarterly stipend, which is additive to the student’s existing funding over the recipient’s first year.  The award also provides a paid summer Graduate Student Research position.  Additional fellowship benefits include participation in select Institute events, including meetings with select visiting speakers.  It is required that fellows give a short seminar during the academic year.

Awardees are selected by a committee comprised of the Solutions Group Heads, Institute Director and Associate Director. 

Holbrook Foundation Fellows

Joshua Bocarsly |

Joshua is a first year Ph.D student in the Materials Department. He is interested in materials for sustainable energy and is beginning his doctoral work by investigating magnetocaloric devices: materials that can be heated and cooled using magnetic fields. These materials have the potential to dramatically decrease the energy costs and environmental impacts of refrigeration. He is co-advised by professors Ram Seshadri and Stephen Wilson.

Peng Gu |

Peng is a first year Ph.D student in the SEALab (Scalable Energy Efficiency Architecture Lab) and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department under the direction of Professor Yuan Xie. With the aim of energy efficiency, Peng is interested in exploring how emerging technology and novel circuit & system architecture will boost the performance of computing.

Akchheta Karki |
Production & Storage

Akchheta is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College where she researched surface chemistry, making bio-compatible surfaces in devices used for bioengineering applications.  She is looking forward to working in Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen and Professor Guillermo Bazan's labs where she will be studying the charge transport in static and simple system, like an organic thin film.

Chao Xiang |
Electronics & Photonics

Chao will begin his first year as a PhD student with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department under the direction of John Bowers. He is interested in the applications of Silicon Photonics and he will be working to reduce power consumption in optical fibers.