Frenkel Foundation Fellowships

The Peter J. Frenkel Fellowships recognize outstanding graduate research in energy efficiency by students who have reached advanced doctoral candidacy.

These fellowships are made possible by the generous support of the Peter J. Frenkel Foundation. These highly competitive awards recognize outstanding graduate research in energy or energy efficiency, one student per an academic year, who has advanced to doctoral candidacy. The award is administered through a quarterly stipend of $1,000, for a total amount of $4,000. This award is meant to be additive to the student’s existing funding, but may also be used in cases where support for the student has been exhausted towards the end of his or her candidacy.

Now accepting nominations for the 2017-18 academic year here.

Frenkel Foundation Fellows

Mingzhi Lu |
Electronics & Photonics

Mingzhi Lu is a PhD candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.  He is completing his dissertation on the use of optical phase-locked loops in coherent optical receivers under the supervision of Professor Larry Coldren.

Chris Takacs |
Production & Storage

Chris Takacs is a candidate in the Physics Department. His dissertation is on long-range organic photovoltaics and is being completed under the supervision of Professor Alan Heeger.