White House Highlights Foundation For America’s Clean Energy Economy

By Heather Zichal in the Gov Monitor, January 11 2010

In his first year in office, President Obama launched America on a 21st century clean energy renaissance that is creating jobs in the short term and laying the foundation for a low carbon economy in the long term.

These actions will improve energy efficiency, incentivize production of renewable energy like wind and solar, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and curb the emissions that contribute to climate change.

A memo from the Vice President in December laid out how the foundation for this sort of transformation has been laid over the past year.

Ultimately, to ensure the U.S. leads the world in the production of clean energy, we must also pass comprehensive energy reform. The House of Representatives has already passed such legislation and the Senate is working on a bipartisan basis to do the same. The President will continue to make passage of legislation a top priority given its benefits for our economy, our security and the environment.

The overarching goal is to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy and to invest in a diverse national energy portfolio that includes: clean coal, nuclear power, domestic oil and gas, renewable energy and advanced biofuels; a bigger, better, smarter transmission grid; and more efficient cars, trucks, homes and buildings. These initiatives will continue to be the focus of our efforts in 2010.

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