U.S. Smart Grid Players Drop In On Copenhagen

By Katie Fehrenbacher of Earth2Tech on December 17, 2009

On the final morning of the Copenhagen climate talks, as world leaders have but a few hours left to reach some kind of agreement, the smart grid will get a bit of attention. Chris King, the Chief Regulatory Officer of smart meter software company eMeter, plans to speak to about 20 U.S. Congressional delegates that have arrived in Copenhagen in recent days, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Harry Waxman, and Congressman Edward Markey. The subject: how the U.S. stimulus is boosting the smart grid market and creating U.S. jobs, and how more needs to be done so that countries like China won’t be able to wrestle away a lead in the smart grid market.

King, who arrived in Copenhagen on Thursday night, told me in a phone interview that he will be explaining to the delegates the size of the global smart grid market, which he says is estimated to be worth $500 billion by 2020, and the potential for the U.S. to add 300,000 jobs in the smart grid industry. “Green jobs” should perk up the ears of the Congressional delegates — as Pelosi said during a press conference at the summit on Thursday, “We come here about one word: It’s about jobs. It’s about jobs that are sustainable for the future. New jobs, new technology, new green jobs for a green revolution.”

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