Smart Meter Made

By Bob Violino in Information, November 13 2009

While smart grids face some challenges, they hold many benefits for both consumers and utilities by providing transparency, real time data, and possibly remote controls.

Gas and electric utilities are poised to pounce on some of the latest technologies to improve processes and enhance services as they update the aging energy grid. Real-time and predictive analytics and sensors are among the technologies helping leading-edge utilities manage their resources, automate processes such as meter reads, and reduce outages by detecting potential faults before equipment fails.

Utilities also are finding ways to involve customers in smarter energy consumption. Pilot projects are providing real-time usage information to consumers so they can better match their own energy use to times when rates are lower. Other pilot programs are testing Internet-based remote controls of home devices such as air conditioners, enabling customers to better manage consumption when they're out of the house.

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