Researchers Discover Defective Nanotubes Are Better for Energy Storage

By Shane McGlaun in Daily Tech, November 22 2009

Nanotechnology may one day usher in a new era for electronics and other products with smaller portable devices that run longer than the electronics we use today. Much research is being conducted on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for a myriad of uses including electronics and batteries.

Battery research is being conducted in several different areas. Researchers at MIT are using viruses to create batteries that can hold more power and run for longer periods. Battery research is a hot bed of activity because the batteries can be used in automobiles to help reduce pollution and our need for oil. Improvements in battery technology will also lead to smaller computers and mobile phones that offer more run time with each charge.

One of the hallmarks of carbon nanotubes is that fact that the CNTs are just about perfect according to researchers. A professor and a graduate student at UC San Diego have discovered that by introducing purposeful defects into CNT structures the defective CNTs work better for the development of super capacitors.

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