Nuclear, Thermonuclear Sins, and Infrastructure: A Day at the World Future Energy Summit

By Michael Kanellos in Greentech Media, January 18 2010

Abu Dhabi-The Third Annual World Future Energy Summit formally has kicked off in Abu Dhabi. World leaders, scientists and executives spoke. But rather than write stories on each, here's a selection of quotes and comments from them all.

--The United Arab Emirates likes nuclear. "Hydrocarbons will play a role. Renewables will play a critical role and nuclear energy for some time until renewable energy is able to get to the point where it is economical and can scale will play a role," said Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar, the sprawling alternative energy/education/urban planning project launched by Abu Dhabi said during a presentation yesterday evening. "Nuclear is not a net zero carbon source of energy but it is a net zero carbon source of power."

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