Nesscap: Ultracapacitors for 10x’s the Power, Lifetime of Batteries

By Katie Fehrenbacher on September 29, 2009

Ultracapacitor maker Nesscap says it has raised a bridge round of $9 million in financing, led by London-based venture capital firm I2BF Venture Capital.

Nesscap, founded back in 2001, says its ultracapacitors can deliver 10 times more power and last 10 times longer than standard batteries, and can store more energy than other commercially available ultracapacitors. The startup is targeting energy storage for consumer electronics, renewable energy on the power grid, and vehicles and sells ultracapacitor in both cells and modules that vary in size and power.

Ultracapacitors store their charge in polarized layers of an electrode, which is immersed in a electrolyte. Ultracapacitor startups are working on tweaking the materials and makeup of the layers, as well as the electrolyte itself. NessCap, like most of the big ultracapacitor players, uses carbon-coated layers, and is working on bringing down the cost of the carbon as well as boosting its energy storage capacity.

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