Google and Partner Offer Home Energy Management Without Smart Meters

Published in on October 6, 2009

Google and Energy Inc. have partnered to provide a home power-measuring device that works with Google's energy management software to give homeowners detailed information about their power consumption that can help them monitor and reduce energy consumption.

Google earlier this year unveiled its PowerMeter Web tool that allows homeowners to monitor their energy consumption. But the PowerMeter required a utility-installed smart meter to work. While the intelligent meters capable of providing frequent and detailed energy use information are being rolled out by the millions, relatively few American homes now have them.

But Google's PowerMeter and Energy Inc.'s TED 5000 (The Energy Detective) work together without the need for a smart meter. Homeowners can monitor their energy use from a Web browser or smart phone equipped with iGoogle. The information provided includes real-time energy use and approximate cost, trends and comparisons to previous use.

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