Ford Will Roll-Out Plug-ins with Smart Grid Tech

By Hank Green on August 18, 2009

Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid, two of the biggest pieces of the next generation of environmental technology. We're ridiculously excited about both of them, and what they could mean for our future. But the interaction between the smart grid and electric vehicles could also be a really big deal. Which is why we're excited that Ford is already taking the first steps to make it possible.

Today, Ford announces that they're building technology into their electric vehicles to allow the electrical grid to communicate with the vehicle... Vehicles are parked for 95% of their lives. And, with plug-in vehicles, that time will be spent plugged into a wall. In more progressive parts of the country, electricity rates are already metered to go up during times of peak demand. The last thing you want to do is charge your car when electricity is four times more expensive than it is at night.

So Ford's new technology will communicate with the electric company via advanced electric meters while the vehicle is charging. The electric company will tell your car to stop charging if demand is too high, or to charge quickly if the price is low. It's even possible that, during times of peak demand, you'll be able to sell the electric company's power back to it at a hugely inflated price.

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